Why did I choose Python in my career

Hi There, in this article, I would like to describe myself, about my career and I would mostly focus on why did I choose python in my career as a software engineer.

Computers in my childhood days

So to start off with myself, my name is Amit Baswa, stay in Mumbai. In school time during 90’s when I was just a child of about 10 years old, I was utmost curious to sit in front of a desktop computer and do something interesting that I was unaware of. Unfortunately, in those days we don’t use to have PC’s in our house. So the only place where I use to see PC’s was at school IT lab, and student were allowed to get in and play on a computer only once a week for just 15 minutes. This is where my curiosity started to begin to use computers and get to know what’s inside and started digging more into it.

Start of my career as a programmer

Till the time when I completed my studies in B.Sc I.T from the University of Mumbai, I was already at a stage with good basic programming knowledge and few certifications on MS office, designer software like Adobe, Coral, etc and of course a Bachelor degree.

My first language was not Python

Initially, when I started my first job in 2012, I use to write code in VB scripts, C# and Asp.net. Since I was a fresher, and even my academic project was on DotNet itself, I use to like coding on .NET framework mostly on C# because it was simpler than C/C++. However, I was very passionate about writing code in any language mostly those looks to be easily adaptable. So as I said, C# and .NET use to be my favorite coding platform, then what made me change into a Python developer?

How did I switch to Python

I left my first job and started the next in Storage Domain. Here, I got an opportunity to work on Python. Prior to this, I was not even aware of Python language. So when I first saw code written in Python, I remembered my VB scripts that I use to write in m previous organization. With no option left for me, I started digging into logic written in Python. When I started to read the code, I realized that the code was so simple and readable that I was able to make out what going on inside without even executing it. That’s where I starting loving Python as it was so much easy to read like some English statements written line by line.

Initially, when my company put me into the code management, I was not being trained into Python, in spite of this, I was able to quickly adapt the Python code and soon was able to make own modules on Python. Later when my company sent me to learn advanced Python, I got to know the real power of it.


I was truly amazed to know that Python can do many things other than just building a website or a CLI script. Post five days of complete advance training I decided to go with Python in my career and today. Later, I built many modules on Python and that makes me feel glad..!! 😊😊

Thank you

Thank you very🙏 much for reading my first article.This was just a short article about me and my career in Python. If you like my video, please do click on like👏 button and show your love❤.


Amit Baswa

Amit Baswa 1991 born professional web and applications developer with a degree of BSc in Information Technology. He started the blog Pythinks.com to help beginners and seekers in achieving most out of Python programming.